Our Best Value Option: NEW Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

With everyday people in mind HeartSine...
designed an interface that guides even the most infrequent user throughout the rescue process. Using three simple icons and verbal instructions, the samaritan® PAD will clearly guide the rescuer through each step.

Key Features:

* Only 1 kg (2 lbs)
* Simple operation
* Graphical interface that "illuminates" to guide user
* Clear voice instruction
* Always ready-for-use
* Auto self-test
* Perfect for home, business, travel, public areas and facilities.
* SCOPE Biphasic - Escalating Energy 100j - 150j - 200j

Everything You need!
The Samaritan PAD ships standard with all the items you need to put your device immediately in service. No extras items to purchase. The standard package includes:

1. Samaritan PAD: automated external defibrillator
2. One - Pad-Pak: each Pad-Pak includes a set of defibrillation pads and a 6 hour battery capable of delivering more than 30 shocks.

The Status indicator will blink letting you know the samaritan® PAD is ready for use. The Pad-Pak™ defibrillation pads speed up the rescue by reducing the number of steps required. Just open the package and apply the pads.

Clinically Safe and Effective
The samaritan® PAD is built on many years of research and development and patented technology. The samaritan® PAD uses HeartSine’s SCOPE™ Biphasic technology (a low-energy waveform that adjusts for the differences in each person’s physical make-up) to deliver optimal defibrillation to every patient.

Pad-Pak: Only One Expiration Date to Monitor
With the samaritan® PAD there is only one expiration date to be concerned about. We have packaged the battery and pad system together. The new innovative battery and electrode system cuts maintenance in half and helps ensure an optimal state of readiness. Just one expiration to track and replace.
HeartSine products are in the process of being registered for use in Canada. Contact HeartSine for the latest information.

Our least expensive AED Grant Package! Manufacturer's Suggested Retail cost for this is approximately $1,295.00. With the AED Grant Program, your cost can be under $800.... Please submit application for pricing.  ~ Note average Price reduction with grant approval between $346 & $500 off per unit you can do the math on this...
To get the corporate sponsored grant/buy down discount, please fill out your easy one page AED Grant application today!
Other Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED accessories:

Soft Carry-case                   $125.00
Extra PAD Pak                     $99.00

Please call 760-944-1048 for further Grant details.

This grant is very easy to obtain. A simple one-page application is all it takes. To download the AED Grant application Click Here

If you would like to apply, just fill out the one page grant application completely and fax it to (760) 944-2959. If there is information that you have not yet obtained, just leave the fields blank, and we will contact you with any further questions. You will be notified of your AED Grant approval via email, so be sure your email address is clear on the form.



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